Creation Series

ORIGINS – Day the First (2009) mixed media
98cm x 146cm
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ORIGINS holds the associated ideas:

'Let there be light: and there was light'.

'And God set His/Her Compass upon the Face of the Deep'; the Primeval Fireball; hydrogen atoms; the 'Big Bang'.

The time before time; conception; dim Eden; Prakriti; Atomos; Cosmic Serpent; energy; Ursprung; the Rainbow Serpent; the subconscious; instinctive; matter; nature; context; potential; spiral.

'The desire in the human to know our origin is as strong as the desire for water.'

The piece is made from a hand-dyed silk whole-cloth, with machine-pieced insertions radiating from a central point, to suggest the stupendous burst of radiation energy at the centre of the primeval Big Bang'. The images hand-quilted into the piece are of a mollusc, one of the primitive life-forms in the history of the Earth, and of the human foetus a day or so after conception. Finally, the piece is embroidered with the words, "The roaring laughter of God", at the site of the primeval fireball.

Title: ORIGINS - Day the First | Size: 98cm x 146cm: | Price: POA

GALACTIC – Day the Second (2009) mixed media, 100cm x 146cm
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GALACTIC holds the associated ideas:

Around 13 billion years ago: expanding energies, nuclear fusion, the creation of Helium atoms, the beginning of the galaxies.

Human embryonic development at Week 2: head and tail, beginning of heart and blood vessels, evolution of fish and vertebrates on the Earth.

Humans around 200,000 years ago: Paleolithic, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon humans. The shaman figure of the ‘Sorcerer of Trois Freres Cave’ (France) is a wall-etching of a human male with deer-skin cloak, antlers, the tail of a wolf and the eyes of an owl suggesting primitive magical thinking.

The piece is made from cotton whole-cloth, with an inserted machine-pieced band in zigzag pattern to suggest the dark, swirling clouds of energy and particles which coalesced to form the first galaxies, some time after the 'Big Bang'. A 'galaxy' image is embroidered with French knots. Quilted in are images of a fish, a human embryo at two weeks, and the Sorcerer of Trois Freres Cave.

Title: GALACTIC - Day the Second | Size: 100cm x 146cm | Sold

STELLAR – Day the Third (2009) mixed media 100cm x 140cm
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holds together the following associated ideas:

Around five billion years ago, exploding stardust, supernova, new stars, new elements, radiation, planets

Human embryonic development at Week 4, also life in the seas, and the evolution of frogs, other amphibians and reptiles.

Human society around 10,000 years ago - the Mesolithic Age, the Venus of Willendorf figurine and the other 'Great Mother' votive figurines of Southern Europe; the development of language, the use of names

The piece is made from two hand-dyed cotton whole-cloths, cut and machine-pieced, to suggest increasing differentiation as planetary systems formed around stars. Hand-quilted on are images of a frog (amphibious life), a human embryo at four weeks, and two images from early human society: the Venus of Willendorf, and a Minoan Goddess figure, both evoking women's awesome procreative power.

Title: STELLAR – Day the Third | Size: 100cm x 140cm | Price: POA

ELEMENTAL – Day the Fourth (2009) mixed media 100x145cm

ELEMENTAL holds together the following associated ideas:

"Let the dry land appear: and it was so." (Genesis)

Around 4.5 billion years ago, condensing atmosphere around Earth cooled, forming oceans and land-masses, the emergence of photosynthesis, proteins, multi-cellular life, awakening

Human embryonic development at Week 8: the development of limbs; the evolution of the mammals on Earth

Human society around 3,500 years ago -the Iron Age, first evidence of human sacrifice, war.

'Great Goddess' images: Kali, Kwan Yin, Kannon, Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, Hathor, Aphrodite; early civilizations; the first appearance of the alphabet, writing, money, mathematics

The piece is made from hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, machine-pieced to suggest the cooling of the Earth and the appearance of land-masses. Quilted-in are images of a tiger (mammal), a human embryo at two months, and Kwan Yin ('Kannon' in Japanese Buddhism) one of the "Great Goddess' images with a double halo.

Title: ELEMENTAL – Day the Fourth | Size: 100 x 145cm | Sold

ORGANIC – Day the Fifth (2009) mixed media 99cmx146cm

ORGANIC holds the ideas:

"Let the earth bring forth grass".

Around 670 million years ago: increased oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, respiration, carbon, complex life-forms, genes, genetic memory, sexuality, offspring, infinite new possibilities, flowering plants, fish, birds, Gondwanaland

Human foetal development at Week 16: the development of the nervous system

Human society around 3000 to 2000 years ago: the appearance of the sun-gods - Ra, Apollo, and Invictus Sol; monotheism, Moses, the Genesis myth, peak-consciousness, Shankara, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Buddha, Christ; the mental, ego, reflexive activity of humans; the beginning of science and philosophy

The piece is made of hand-dyed and commercial fabrics machine-pieced, with a roundel to represent the burgeoning Earth, with her plant-life and the myriad birds and animals which came to inhabit her. Pleated and flat fabrics criss-cross each other, in a beaded riot of fertility. Exposed seams suggest Nature refusing to be confined. Quilted-in are images of a sixteen week old foetus, and three icons of Higher Consciousness: Krishna, the Buddha, and the 'Sacred Heart of Jesus'.

Title: ORGANIC – Day the Fifth | Size: 99cm x 146cm | Sold

HUMAN – Day the Sixth (2009) mixed media
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Price: POA

holds together the following associated ideas:

Around 2 million years ago: the Ice Ages, mammals, Africa as the cradle of humankind, Hominids, the earliest human beings

Human society: earliest evidence of psychic or existential awareness, the image of Chiron the Centaur (from Greek mythology), symbolizing human awareness of death

Foetal development at Week 28: skeleton and muscles, eyes are open

Christ's words "Into Thy hands I commend my spirit"

This piece is made of hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, machine-pieced to suggest the landscape, with a primitive human whose has learned to use tools, and make fire. There are hand-quilted images of Chiron, the wisest of the Centaurs, who bridged animal and human nature, and also the baby, turned head-down in preparation for birth.

Title: HUMAN – Day the Sixth | Size: 100cm x 142cm | Price: POA

SPIRIT – Day the Seventh (2009) mixed media
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holds the ideas:

2,500 years ago to the present:
HERE, NOW, the subtle, causal, mystical; birth, engage, release, connect;

Journey to the centre/Centre, super-consciousness;

My body is the universe, the universe is my body;

In the Beginning, Return, the name of ALLAH, the Wheel of Kharma;

The questions, 'What dies?', 'What remains?'


The piece is machine-pieced in shades of white, with a circular design radiating out from a central mandala (signifying 'the dwelling place of the god'), which could be a Star of David, or an ancient Hindu symbol. As the circle extends outward, the quilted-in symbols include an Arabic inscription of the Name of ALLAH, and the Wheel of Kharma. Finally, complementary images: of Birth, and then the words, 'What dies? What remains?'

Title: SPIRIT – Day the Seventh | Size: 97cm x 140cm | Sold

The Seven Days of Creation is a Series of seven art quilts, in part inspired by the Judaeo-Christian tradition of the creation of the world as a 'seven day process'. Other faiths describe that process differently.

The Series ponders the idea that creation is eternal, is the ongoing flux of all that is. Thirteen billion years ago, the primeval fireball burst into action creating, over time, what we name as atoms, then galaxies of stars, then planets, then all unfolding living and non-living forms.
Some name this process as Love.

The Creation Series has four layers of story:

  • The physical creation of the universe
  • The story of life developing on Earth
  • The story of human consciousness developing from the earliest ancestors to the magical sorcerer figures painted on caves, to the 'Mother Goddess' figurines (such as Venus of Willendorf), to the great religious figures such as Christ, Buddha and Krishna, who represent a peaking of human consciousness.
  • The fourth layer of the Creation story is the gestation of a child, from a few cells ('Day the First') to birth ('Day the Seventh').
  • Each of these layers of story is incorporated into an over-all colour symbolism which moves from the silent darkness of space in 'ORIGINS - Day the First' through the coming of light, colour and diversity on the Earth, to the golden colour of communication and finally, to the still, white image of Spirit ('SPIRIT - Day the Seventh').
    Each piece is hand-quilted.