Blackburn South, Melbourne

Blackburn South

“Blackburn South, Melbourne” (2014) was selected for Vicquilters’ “One Step Further” 2014 art quilt exhibition, at Box Hill Artspace.

“Blackburn South, Melbourne” puts my new home at the centre of a symbolic map of the streets and abundant native vegetation near Blackburn Lake and Gardiner’s Creek. Having created an artwork which explored the many and contradictory emotions of selling my home of 34 years, in 2014, I was challenged to create an artwork representing the emotional process of creating a new home.


Blackburn South, Melbourne (Detail)
Hand-dyed cotton, linen, silk and metallic fabrics were machine-pieced, hand-quilted beaded, and embroidered.

Title: Blackburn South, Melbourne Size: 120cm x 120cm NFS